Photography has been a hobby of mine since I was a little girl.  This hobby has lead me on a strange road to creating art.  I often find myself taking pictures for the sake of holding on to a memory or showing a friend or family member later.  Often times it can be these photos that turn out to become the subject of art I aspire to make.  Admittedly, digital photography mystified and intimidated me in the beginning.  I was all about the traditional approach.  Now I have come to realize that the digital world is where it's at and quite convenient.  Through the use of my trusty Cannon EOS 6D, I am able to be sure my conscious and unconscious visions become a reality right on the spot.  

   After receiving my BA in Communications and a minor in photography I went on to do many different things before becoming the product photographer at Moosejaw Mountaineering, Eco Home Gear and occasionally La Creuset.  Assisting Thomas Slack and Black White and Color on a few formal shoots and weddings gave me more experience.  I then decided to take a more casual and informal approach to my work which led to working with a lot of dogs, families and babies outdoors and on location which I much prefer.